about me

I'm a creative photographer and graphic designer who is mostly self-taught. I have an eye for detail and composition, making my photos and designs stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s fashion, nature, art, or architecture, I have the skill and talent to capture it all in my signature style. My portfolio is full of captivating and inspiring images that showcase my creative vision and technical expertise. I'm constantly experimenting with new concepts and techniques, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with photography and graphic design. I had worked with companies and artists, creating unique designs that capture their message and vision.


In 2010, Mixage won the 2nd prize of the LOWA photo contest with «Givrée» among 600 proposed shots.


She exhibited for the first time in 2011 in a gallery, the Golée in Auvernier in the canton of Neuchâtel, with big@pple.ny.


In 2012, it was a second exhibition in a bank, the Crédit Agricole in Neuchâtel, which gave life to Berlin Painting, and which then opened other doors to her such as collaboration with a young writer and she saw herself exhibiting Berlin vit in Delémont, Lausanne and Grandson.


5 years have passed before Mortelle came to life, a project with more than 300 hours of work and which touches on women's sensitivity. Exhibited at the Fabrik:5 in September 2017 in Neuchâtel, it gathers more than 150 people at its opening.


For the first time in December 2022, she will be exhibiting her artwork with her illustrations Mis Läbe ds Bärn at Billenbau in Bern.


Mixage is a resourceful photographer who lives her passion to 200%.