Entre CRéation, émotions et sensibilité

Electric Friday by Hanz Soundz, Pilatus 2023 | Khainz, Tinlicker, Booka Shade, Dj Girl

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Hanz Up #4 Mittelallalin, Saas Fee 2023 | JOSC, DJ Girl, Miss Monique

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Hanz Up #3 Piz Gloria, Schilthorn 2023 | SOLEE, Stefan Sonntag, Loomen & John Rayet

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The little Red Riding Hood and the wolf

Hanz Up #2 Piz Gloria, Schilthorn 2022 | EINMUSIK & Lexer | Girl | Mastra (Hanz Soundz)

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The mystery woman

Dans les jonquilles

Un chien guide sent toujours l'amour.

Mon fidèle ami Walt

Belle époque

The gipsy soul

Donato Barbaro - Musician, DJ, Producer & Artist

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Mecanik boy

Wild Child

Wild love


Glam (Collab with Dominique Zwygart)

Volupté (Collab with E. Grobéty)